Ystari have put up some sample illustrations for their new release of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, the detective story game that Henrik talked about in episode 1 of the podcast. You can see the illustrations on their website.

For those of you (and us) that don’t speak French, here’s what Google thinks Ystari have to say about it:

In 1985, exactly 26 years ago, the famous Spiel des Jahres jury rewarded agame called Sherlock Holmes Dectect board. Since then, water has flowed under the bridge. If you’re bored of not being able to find this game a long time, rejoice as we hand it up to date for late 2011 or early 2012! For the experts, know that there will be no new business from the original edition.

This is a set of special investigation, which is shaped like a book, and invites you to solve strange cases just like you dear Sherlock. You can play cooperatively on the edge of role-playing, or individual.

Neriac and Arnaud Demaegd illustrate all, as Roy’s Musketeers.