So, here we are, on the brink of joining forces with some other geeks and travelling down to Essen, we are pretty excited (oh yeah!) and are looking forward to a weekend of games and some of us are also looking forward to German beer (no names mentioned). Look out for some sporadic updates on this site where we will tell you of our experiences, games we played, people we met and natives we encountered. There is still time to enter the contest yet, we have not picked the winner so far, so be quick and vigilant and you might be the lucky winner of a spanking new Essen game !

On a rather different note, somebody pointed out to me – in response to my complaint about the lack of Steampunk games out there – that there are indeed a handful of Steampunk games on the market worth our attention, so without further ado, here is an interesting link to a list of Steampunk games for all you fans of Zeppelins and Jules Verne . .  Steampunk Board Games

So long, The Royals