Love LetterSuburbiaLady Alice

The Royal Society has descended upon Essen and we’ve been spending money and playing games just so we can bring you this special update. (And maybe a bit because it’s fun…).

This episode’s even more shambolic than usual as it was recorded in a hotel room sat on two beds and huddled around the microphone balanced on a chair and we discuss so many games only a fool would try and list them here. So it includes P.I., Courtier, Escape, Lady Alice, P.I., Coup, Love Letter, Suburbia, Snowdonia, and a few dozen more first impressions.

Also, since recording the episode I’ve been able to play Tzolk’in and so far it stands out as the big “gamer’s game” of the show, especially of those that had the usual pre-show hype. Hopefully we’ll be able to get a review together in the near future.

You can download the episode here, subscribe on iTunes, or listen to it below:


Show notes will be posted later, but for now there’s the last day of gaming about to get underway!