(Released 13/08/11)

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Or download the RSOG podcast episode 4 here.

Notes and Links



Wizkids – Nazgul

The Queen’s Gambit

Fantasy Flight Games: Rex, Star Wars LCG, X-Wing, Descent 2nd Edition & Wiz-War


The Climbers, Nexus Ops, Parade

Treasure Hunters and Fortune Seekers



Mailbox and Contest

We announce the winner of our competition, sponsored by BoardGame Guru to win a copy of Troyes, and a new contest to win a copy of Travel Blog!


We apologize for some of the sound issues in the episode. We though we had it sorted out but it seems that we did not quite managed to eliminate all noise during the recording session, we are working on it for future episodes.

Also, we received quite a few entries for our contest after we had already recorded the episode, sorry for all those whose entry we did not consider or mention in the podcast for that very reason.

Last but least, we recorded a bit more material than we were able to put into the podcast itself, but for those loyal listeners who are still keen to hear more from the Royal Gamers, here is a bit of extra material for this week: Download the bonus material for Episode 4.

And finally, as mentioned in the podcast, here’s a picture of Swindon’s “Magic Roundabout”: