Released 03/02/12

You can download episode 9 here.

Notes and Links



Kingdom Builder is getting an expansion called Kingdom Builder: Nomads. Dominion too.

And Catan is going to not-so-boldy go with a simple retheme as Star Trek Catan. It’ll still be better than Expeditions.

The Pirate Bay has irked Games Workshop.


Reviews of K2:Broad Peak, Lords of Scotland and Princes of Florence

K2: Broad PeakLords of ScotlandPrinces of Florence

New Gaming Worlds

Eclipse and Pandemic are in development, and there’s a Dodgy Dominion out.

Treasure Hunters

The Game Counsellor

Our new section uses a well-known game and gives a few recommendations for other games to try. This episode: Peurto Rico.


Extending the contest from episode 8, there’s a copy of Mord im Arosa