Board Game Group Map

The map below shows board game groups around the world. It's intended to be used by anyone travelling or moving into a new area and looking for a gaming group.

Click on a group on the map for more details

If you know of a game group that is not shown then you can add it using the form at the bottom of the page.

List of groups

Add a game group

Complete the form below to add a game group to the database. Submittions are checked before going live and you must submit a valid e-mail address in case any further information is needed.

E.g. "Every Thursday at 5:30pm" or "Every other Sunday afternoon"

The street address the group meets up to display on the map. If the group meets in multiple locations, submit multiple entries to the database.

Optional, if the group has a website with more info.

This won't be displayed but may be used if more info on the group is needed.


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