Episode 1 (Released 14/06/11)

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Notes and Links


Spiel des Jahres Nominations and predictions
Licensed Games on the rise
Tesco shows off its expert knowledge in all things boardgaming


Irondale, Pantheon & Great Western

Community Update
Gamecamp 4
European Twilight Struggle League
London on Board

Treasure Hunters & Fortune Seekers
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

New Gaming Worlds
Knizia Games on Facebook (Pickomino, Lost Cities & Poseidon’s Realm)
Memoir ’44 Online launch

The Spotlight
Our favourite traitor games
Battlestar Galactica, The Resistance, Shadows over Camelot, Ultimate Werewolf, Shadow Hunters, Saboteur

Print & Play Game of the Episode
Super Slapshot

The Roundtable
Games with inappropriate themes

Mailbox and Contest

Although we are all the most credible and hardcore gaming experts you may ever wish to find and members of the Royal society, we are but human and make mistakes, so here are some corrections for the first episode.

Errors and Goofs:
Lost Cities: The Number of Cards in your hand is 8
Irondale: The game is for 2-4 players, not 3-4 players
Sherlock Holmes CD: The game comes with 10 cases